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Before you say, Clanc, not this again, let me explain.

Its not because hes pedantic, humorless, and speaks like a nine year-old Woody Allen with Tourettes Syndrome.

Bleeding above the eyes, he got up and headed back home with his 8-7 tucked neatly under his arm. Kyokutenho likes to give up the morozashi, then pin his foes arms down and lift them around and out.

Today Takekaze said, Unh unh, and took the E2 out in a jiff from that two-handed inside position.

Reality is, he should beat, and should have beaten, Shneaky, Geeku, and Kotooshu.

Recently people use the phrase "talking point" to refer to a topic worthy of discussion.

After fifteen days of action, turns out this basho had one talking point, and one only: Just how monumental a tool is David Shapiro?

Keeping up his end of the bargain, 13-1 Baruto dispatched Kotomitsuki by slapping him around sos he could get close and snag the outside right belt, then taking a few seconds to be certain the grip was solid before driving him right back and out.

Mitsuki had his nine so what does he care, no reason to even attempt to win and deflate the (largely clueless) horde, who were waiting with bated breath to see if junior Mongolian Harumafuji would go all out and try to take down senior Mongolian Hakuho to give an Estonian the chance to yusho (I swear Im not making this shit up).

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